Monday, 23 January 2012

A New Kind of Bookmark!

Meet Mildred Hubble (aka Millies or Mille-Cat.) So named because she's a black cat and she came to us one Hallowe'en six years ago. Because of that, she really had to be named after a witch, and Professor McGonagall was a bit too lengthy!

Her talents include, 'mouser extraordinaire' having snaffled twenty mice in one Spring (plus two rats, six birds and countless poor butterflies.) 'Chatterbox' – without question she is the 'chattiest' cat we have ever had, she chirrups, meows and purrs a LOT. 'Comedienne' also springs to mind, like most cats she has a warped sense of humour, she pounces, bats, and splats anything that does or doesn't move and delights in a 'wall of death' on two paws around the living room. But her latest talent is as a bookmark and I had to share this picture with everyone. The only problem with this particular bookmark is she sits on the exact bit I'm reading . . . every time!

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