Tuesday, 4 March 2014

eBook publication Day!

Today's the day!
Two eBooks released from Choc Lit UK – and one of them is mine!
How exciting is that? 

The other book is the lovely Mandy James'

So . . . what to do? Put up banners? Dance? (Until Dawn!) Ha ha.
My lovely publishers even found a T-shirt on Amazon – and yes it comes in black –
How cool is that?

OK, so if I buy the T-shirt, then wear the T-shirt, and then dance? 
Who would know? I'm freelance, there's only me here. (The cat has already left the room.)
Perhaps it's better that way.

But it's an exciting day for me. The official publication day of my eBook. Then the print book will be published on April 7th and I can't wait. It's all really happening!

I'm off for a lie down in a darkened room for a few minutes, the excitement is too much.


  1. It is really happening! And I can see you dancing. Looks good to me xx

  2. I hope you're dancing too Mandy :) xx

  3. 'Dance like nobody's watching'. It always works for me - I generally clear the room with my 'moves' ha ha! Congratulations, and well deserved. I'm drooling over Will already. Does that make me a bad person ;-) x

  4. Thank you Kirsty! Bad? Never! Drool away :) xx

  5. What an exciting time for you Berni - I'm so looking forward to reading this book with its beautiful cover. Dance away girl - you deserve it :)