Friday, 27 September 2013

Lovely Whitby

Bram Stoker knew a perfect Gothic setting when he saw one. No wonder he shipwrecked the Demeter on Whitby's rugged coastline.  Where else would Lucy Westenra  sleepwalk in the dead of night, but towards the beautiful ruined Abbey? And where else would the infamous Count be waiting? 

"... His red eyes again!They are just the same." So murmured Lucy, as reported in Mina Murray's journal in Dracula. Which brings me neatly to the Dracula Society's Anthology entitled, His Red Eyes Again

His Red Eyes Again contains twelve vampire stories written by members of the London-based Dracula Society,  with a thirteenth story written by best-selling author, Christopher Priestley. The Anthology itself is in celebration of the Society's 40th Anniversary, something well worth celebrating.

The Society was founded in 1973 by actors Bruce Wightman and Bernard Davies, both sadly no longer with us.

The Society held a conference to mark the Anniversary in ... Whitby!

The Anthology is available as a paperback from Amazon, and shortly will be available as an ebook.

For anyone interested in Gothic literature and film, please visit the Society's website at: You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter - @DracSoc.
New members always welcome.


  1. Whitby is one of my favourite places too Berni. Watching the sun set - the Abby in silhouette... fabulously evocative.

  2. Gorgeous isn't it? I wish we'd had longer to wander around the other weekend, but there was a lot going on at the conference. We couldn't attempt the famous steps because of Bob's broken ankle - but we'll just have to go again soon!