Tuesday, 25 March 2014

It's Vampire Week!

Dance Until Dawn is up on the Elder Park Book Review blog today. They are having their own Vampire Week. Do go along and say who your favourite vampires are.

What's your favourite vampire book? Film? TV Series? Who's your favourite vampire?

I, of course, have a penchant for a three-hundred-year-plus ex Duke who resides in a Georgian mansion in Highgate. But Count Dracula will always have a special place in my heart as do Spike from Buffy, Eric from True Blood and Mitchell from Being Human.


  1. I love Mitchell and Spike (and I have deep respect for the Count of course, especially when played by Gerard Butler) but I recently lost my heart to Tom Hiddleston's Adam, in Only Lovers Left Alive. Really cool....

  2. I haven't seen that yet - but I really want to!

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)

  4. Thank you Skyline Spirit - lovely to meet you here :)