Tuesday, 12 July 2011


It's been very difficult for me as a book cover designer, to sit back and let someone else design the cover of my own first novel. Most designers tend to have a bit of the control freak about them, so the urge to fiddle with the design for something so close to my heart, has been almost unbearable! I really didn't want a person on the cover either, because I wanted the reader to form a picture of my male protagonist for themselves.
But having said that, I design for the UK market, and Fledgling is being published in the US. The markets are very different and the paranormal romance market is far bigger in the States than here in the UK.
However, I do love the atmospheric feel to the cover and the muted colours, although I'm still not sure about the giant raven. As ravens go, he's very handsome, but has nothing to do with the story – even though the title is Fledgling. I definitely think the cover will stand out, which of course is what really matters, so I've squished my control freakiness down . . .

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